Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Invisible Disabilities, Awareness: Limitations + Rest + Debilitating Effects


Although we might think our loved ones with invisible disabilities are lazy and sleep all day, they may be having difficulty sleeping and are feeling sleep deprived. Thus, we need to allow them to rest whenever possible. After all, they are busy trying to maintain their condition and often have to push themselves hard to accomplish a few simple chores. With each activity they give their effort to, another could be forfeited and a price paid. After being limited for a while, they will begin to learn how to juggle their efforts and will discover what and how much activity causes them to hit a wall. 
We need to believe them when they say they cannot do something. Simply because we saw them participating in a task before does not mean they can do it again. “Only she knows her limits and they will likely change from day to day depending on many factors. What she could do yesterday may not be possible today. Don’t question that,” Dr. Rainier says.  Therefore, we must respect their limitations without enforcing a guilt trip whenever they are already trying to do more than their bodies can handle.
Illness does not respect people according to their income or status in life. The debilitating effects force people to make decisions and sometimes even change their dreams in order to focus on their health.

Not my words... Though I couldn't say it any better.