Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Catch My Pain: Making My Invisible Illness Visible

I have this amazing app on my phone. It's called "Catch My Pain" and it does exactly what it sounds like. It allows me to track my pain very easily. I shade the areas of my body that hurt with a range of colors, the darker the red the more pain, yellow is little pain. It lets me write notes about my pain or body during that time and it has a checklist of what type of pain I'm experiencing.
It's a free app, but you can buy an extra feature that allows you to give a range of emotion, stress, and fatigue. I just make those notations in the "notes" section rather than paying for it. This app also allows you to list all your medications and when you take them. You can set alarms for taking any or all of the medications. And best of all, you can send yourself a printable collection of the whole thing to take to doctors. Or you can just email your info to anyone you want. It's amazing. 
So I took a bunch of screen shots and decided to share them here. It's basically one week's worth of entries. I like this concept in that it will allow my invisible illness to become visible in a way. But, this is only one aspect of my invisible illness. So keep that in mind, this is just a glimpse into the invisible part of my life.
Also, you'll see a LOT of different areas with pain. Some is caused by TOS. Some is caused by CFIDS. And some is caused by CRPS. If for some reason you find it interesting to know which is which, feel free to ask.   









Monday, July 14, 2014

What Does an Invisible Illness Look Like?

Whether it's a day when I look "normal" or a day when I have luggage-sized bags under my eyes or a day when I cake on the makeup to be presentable...
All of those days, I am what a person with an invisible illness looks like. 

Tired smile & too much eye make-up, trying to hide behind it. 
Forever tired eyes....

^do a couple of hours of yardwork and this is what happens. Everytime. That's what I get for trying to, ya know, do shit. The under eye bags look like black eyes.

Chronic illness cat tells my story for me, so I don't have to type as much. It's quite convenient. So here's another tidbit of my life courtesy of CIC and photo-blogging.
The struggle is real.

Okay, that's all for now. I like the photo-storytelling. It's very convenient. I know words can be powerful to share my story, but they do say a picture is worth a thousand words so I guess I just said a lot more than normal. How many pictures did I put in? Okay multiple that by 1,000.

So to recap, stop judging books by their cover and people by their outsides.