Saturday, May 25, 2013

Date Night, How To Get In A Car, Flowers and Hugging Bears, & I Love You

Last night was "date night" for Kevin and I. We've made a few promises/rules in our relationship. One is to have an hour free technology each day. Another is to have one date night a week (my health permitting). The list goes on... 

But we were getting in the car. This is a process. He carries my bag and escorts me from the house to the car with me holding onto his elbow. He opens the door and I grip his hand tight as I lower myself into the passenger seat, still facing him. Then with my good arm I grab the "oh shit" handle (as my family calls it) and grunt and swing my feet in and get my body facing the right way in the seat. When I'm settled Kevin gives me my bag and shuts the door. Then he obviously goes around and gets in to drive.

As we were plopping me into the car, an unfamiliar car pulled up in the neighbors spot. We didn't think anything of it. Right after Kevin got in the car we saw a man walking up to our house with flowers. Kev jumped out and said that's our house and the delivery man said these are for Shanley, and Kevin pointed at me. 

Kevin brought the flowers and card to me in the car so I could see them and read the message before taking them inside. 

Not from Kevin. Not from my parents. A lovely surprise from a friend who is just so beautiful inside and out. She gave me a great smile. She is one of the most thoughtful and giving people I know. Frankly she inspires me to give more of myself, and I'm so lucky to call her a friend. Texting with her after thanking her, she said she had hoped the florist had a shark instead of that teddy bear, but that's a long shot. 

Anyways, just like my last post, I'm filled with gratitude. Last night I received several more messages from people who have been reading, but felt unsure if they should reach out to me. I thank you all. I love it when you do reach out, whether you are a long lost friend or a vague acquaintance. 

Every message I get renews my strength and my fight. Every person that says they're here, lightens both mine and Kevin's burden. You people are amazing to me. I truly do invite you all to talk to me, about my struggles or yours. To visit me and lounge with me, spend a night or two. 

I love you guys. Thank you for reading and writing back to me and showing up for me.