Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How'd Florida Go?

As you may have read in my last post, traveling isn't great for me. The pressurized cabin, the bumps, so many things mess with my pain level. Kevin made it as tolerable as possible, but it was still a very bad situation for me. To simplify how bad it was, Kevin suggested for our honeymoon we only consider places we can fly direct to, because he doesn't want to see me go through that again. (I said no, if my honeymoon isn't worth sucking it up for, whatever would be? And I'm not willing to concede defeat like that.)

After landing, things didn't get a whole lot better for me. The taxi ride was bump after bump the entire way out. By the time we checked in at the hotel, it was time to get ready for the wedding. No rest for me, and god knows I need my naps to survive. So I made do with some energy drinks (I usually stick to just coffee), and I managed to not just survive, but also actually enjoy the night. The wedding was on the beach, and the reception was in a ballroom overlooking the beach, so while at dinner we got to see the sunset of the Gulf. Perfection.

I faded early inthe night but managed to hang on until the end, and even get some dancing in despite my body. Kevin was an angel, offering to leave early with every sign of my pain or fatigue, but I felt I had to hold out for the whole event. I mean, the "Chadresa" wedding is why we were in Florida to begin with. How could I leave early? Of course, as soon as I got to our hotel-home I crashed very hard.

We slept in all day Sunday, which was needed for my recovery. This isn't just the TOS, but also the CFIDS coming in to play. After several cups of coffee, we hit the beach early in the afternoon and relaxed. We sunned both sides equally, with me slathered in SPF 50. (Sunburns mean more pain, more dehydration, and more health problems in general. I'll stay pale if need be.) Then we went to play in the water. Floating and flirting in the Gulf felt so freeing. I forgot that what I was doing could be considered exercise.***

When we left the beach we decided ordering carryout would suit my body much better than going out. We got delicious calzones from a local Italian pizza place. Kevin set the table while I sat slumped over in my chair, and he asked if I was just tired or if it was something else. I said it wasn't tired, it was beyond exhaustion...meaning CFIDS related. 

Five bites into my 3-cheese piece of heaven I had to give up. I asked if he minded if I excused myself and apologized for not finishing dinner with him. I went to go lay on the couch and asked him to come sit with me when he was finished eating. Apparently I passed out quickly, only stirring for him to settle in with me moving my head to his lap, then I stayed out for 2 hours. I awoke disoriented and still exhausted. I ate a little more, knowing my body needed more nourishment ("food is fuel!"), and we went to bed soon after.

Monday morning meant checking out and another long, bumpy trip to the airport. I had nothing to do but sleep through much of the ride -- when my body is in pain, that is one of the best things I can do for it. We arrived with plenty of time, and that means good things for me. It means less stress, less fuss, and time for coffee. Fortunately our return flight was a direct flight, so we had it quite a bit easier upon the return home.

Fast forward to Monday night, and it's like Sunday night on repeat. I was dead to the world. We were watching some TV and I felt my eyes getting heavy, thought I'd rest a little, but then 1.5 hours passed and I woke up so groggy and disoriented. Kevin explained to me how long I'd been in & out, and that I'd oddly requested "my food" and said some other things. I apologized for not making him the Sloppy Joe dinner I'd promised.

Tuesday was still much of recovery mode. I slept in extremely late and felt it in my muscles and bones and entire being all day. I explained to K, and I'll now explain to you, that's just the way CFIDS works. It's not tit-for-tat. One day of exhaustion does NOT mean one day of recovery. I wish it did, but that's just a dream world. It's not reality. So we will see how the next few days go. Kevin's birthday is tomorrow, so tonight we are celebrating with his family and tomorrow we are celebrating with just us. I'll spend my days resting while he is at work, so I have a good reserve for the evening activities. And I'll keep you posted.

***Happy story: While we were packing up our beach bag, I noticed Kevin playing with his wedding band, and realized he had a noticeable tan line. If you know me, you know I'm the girl who has a song lyric for every situation and immediately the beginning verse of Ed Sheeran's "Wake Me Up" started playing in my head.
I should ink my skin with your name/ And take my passport out again/ And just replace it/ See I could do without a tan/ On my left hand/ Where my fourth finger meets my knuckle